Product List

Materials Available: Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Nylon, Silicone Bronze
Finishes Available: Zinc, Zinc Yellow, Black Oxide, Hot Dip Galvanized, Silver
Specials: MS/NAS Specifications available - Lot Traceability (Certifications available upon request)
Quantity: Box - Bulk - Kits - Flexible

  Yankee focuses on fasteners. Our goal is to be the highest quality - lowest cost - value added supplier of fasteners. We specialize in stainless steel but also carry a complete line of Grade 5 and Grade 8 hex cap screws. A full line of socket products (socket cap screws, flat sockets, button sockets,and socket set screws). Our stainless steel line flows across all lines of products (machine screws, cap screws, socket products, dowel and spring pins, threaded rod, etc). Yankee is also an approved distributor of Starrett Saw Blades with welding services on-site and a huge inventory of bi-metal and wood cutting band saw blade material made to any length.
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Fasteners For Industry

Fastener Products

 Custom Band Saw Blades
 Threaded Rod
  -Stainless Steel
 Dowel Pins
 Roll Pins
 Taper Pins
 Groove Pins
 Standoffs and Spacers
 Pipe Plugs
 Zip / Wire Ties
 Hose Clamps
 Hex Keys
 Helical Inserts
 Thread Repair Kits

Finished Hex Nuts (Gr 2, 5 & 8)
 Heavy Hex Nuts (Gr 2, 5, 8 & 2H)
 Finish Jam Nuts
 KEP Nuts
 Coupling Nuts
 Acorn Nuts
 Wing Nuts
 Tee Nuts
 Stover Nuts
 Flange Nuts
 Hex Slotted Nut
 Flat SAE and USS Washers
 Lock Washers
 Grade 8 Washers
 Structural Washers
 Fender Washers
 Beveled Washers
 High-Collar Washers
 Shaft Collars
 Cotter Pins
 Anchors - Conical/Drop In/Wedge

Materials and Finishes

Machine Screws
  -Pan Head
  -Flat Head (82, 90, 100 degree)
  -Sems (Int, Ext, Square Cone)
  -Truss Head
  -Binder Head
  -Round Head
  -Fillister Head
 Hex Cap Bolts (Gr. 2, 5 & 8)
 Socket Head Cap Screws
  -Button Head Socket
  -Flat Head Socket
  -Socket Set Screws ( All points)
  -Shoulder Bolts
 Structural Hex Cap Bolts (A325)
 Square Head Bolts
 SEM Screws
 Sheet Metal Screws
 TEK Screws
 Deck Screws
 Carriage Bolts (Gr 2, 5 & 8)
 Eye Bolts